On 2 September 2007 parades and celebrations rang

On 2 September 2007 parades and celebrations rang out throughout the length of Transdniestria (Pridnestrovie) to mark independence day. It has been seventeen years since the new and emerging country declared independence. Its 550,000 inhabitants see sovereign statehood as the best way to guarantee freedom and democracy in the future.

TIRASPOL (Tiraspol Times) - Pridnestrovie's annual independence day parade moved through Tiraspol, its capital city, on Sunday. Assembled bystanders cheered as the parade - led by the young country's armed forces and volunteer soldiers - entered the city's main square.

The parade was transmitted on government television, the "First Republic Channel" of state owned TV PMR. Despite low temperatures at 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning, the victory parade drew large crowds, including children. Thousands of citizens sang Pridnestrovie's national anthem which such force that bystanders insisted that the song had to be repeated. In the end, the hymn had to be played a total of three times for everyone to be satisfied!



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Tuesday, 27 November 2007