About Us

Much of the information about Tiraspol is wrong, coming from third-hand sources who put their own slant on the news. Living in an unrecognized state, the people of Pridnestrovie must contend with a barrage of propaganda against them which seeks to isolate and demonize them.



Reporting first-hand about Tiraspol, PMR, Tiraspol Times aims to change that: With independent, objective news straight from the source. We provide fair and balanced information about Pridnestrovie in order to "shatter the mistrust of past grievances and to foster a new spirit of tolerance and mutual respect," in the now-classic phrase of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice which must be applied worldwide, to all nations and all peoples.


TIRASPOL TIMES & WEEKLY REVIEW (NEWS SERVICES), A.F.S., produces the following three products:


  • The Tiraspol Times (newspaper)
  • Tiraspol Times Weekly Review (weekly news magazine)
  • tiraspoltimes.com (this website)


We also function as a content provider for news organizations based in London (England) and Moscow (Russia).As a news service covering Tiraspol, we have been sourced by American universities and research institutes, and by EU Observer, RFE/RL, The Washington Post, the UN, Evenimentul Zilei, Romania Libera, NATO PA, as well as TV and news agencies in several countries around the world.