Kilimanjaro Capital Ltd. Signs With Biafra Independence Movement

Kilimanjaro Capital Ltd.

December 17, 2012 00:01 ET
Kilimanjaro Capital Ltd. Signs With Biafra Independence Movement

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Dec. 17, 2012) - Kilimanjaro Capital Ltd., a private Canadian company focusing on emerging nations in West Africa is pleased to announce that on 17 December 2012 it signed an Oil & Mineral Assignment Agreement with the Biafran Government.

The Assignment Agreement grants a broad selection of conditional future hydrocarbon and mineral rights including the vast Enugu coal reserves and undeveloped gold, uranium and coltan deposits. Numerous geopolitical analysts have expressed concerns that Nigeria may soon devolve into several regional states due to the Nigerian federal government's failure to deal with terrorism, economic inequality, and massive corruption.

Biafra was a recognized country 1967-1970 that tragically ended in the genocide of the Igbo people. The Biafra Government is the external continuation of the Republic of Biafra and represents domestic Biafran independence movements. Kilimanjaro Capital succeeds Banque Rothschild of Paris which was the original Biafran concession holder.

Kilimanjaro Capital recently signed agreements for exclusive future oil and minerals rights with the Government of Southern Cameroons and for disputed offshore rights from the Republic of Cabinda. CEO Zulfikar Rashid explains that the Biafra acquisition is part of an ongoing West Africa strategy and that further acquisitions are imminent.

Kilimanjaro Capital also announces the appointment to its Advisory Board of Dr. Darko Trifunovic, former First Secretary of the Bosnian Mission to the United Nations; he was also security advisor to the Beijing Olympics and is a specialist in Counter-Terrorism and Security Studies. Dr. Trifunovic is currently a faculty member at the University of Belgrade.

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012