ndependence Day celebrations in cities throughout Transdniestria

Stanislav Khazheyev, PMR's Minister of Defense, said in his official independence day speech that Pridnestrovie, its people and its armed forces have successfully defended their right to live on their own land.

" - On 2 September 1990, the people decided to form their own own republic. This young state had to pass some heavy tests very quickly," recalled Stanislav Khazheyev.

" - In 1992, Moldova unleashed a bloody war against Pridnestrovie. We were helped by our unity, cohesion and faith in our own forces. 809 Pridnestrovians lost their lives during this war. 1,500 were wounded. Hundreds of our companies, apartment buildings and government offices were destroyed. And nevertheless we defended the right to live on our earth and to speak in our language," said the PMR Minister of Defense.




Publish Date: 

Friday, 7 December 2007