Rivers political crisis deepens as govt labels Sekibo a murderer

PORT HARCOURT—LIKE the saying goes that when things fall apart thecentre will certainly not be able to hold itself together again. Whatlooks like the mother of all political battles appears to be information in Rivers state as governor Rotimi Amaechi openly callsformer Minister of Transport in the state, Abiye Sekibo a killer.
Apparently reacting to newspaper publications where the former Ministerallegedly dismisses Amaechi’s directive to Okrika community to producethe alleged dreaded cult leader Ateke Tom within two weeks asnonsensical, the governor called on the people of the state to ignoreSekibo as he is not fit to champion their cause. Alleging that theformer minister presided over the murder of his own kit and kin.
Thegovernor who spoke through his Director of Press, said Sekibo was oneof the key sponsors of violence in the state, particularly Okrika.

 “CanDr Abiye Sekibo who presided over the murder of his own people becauseof his quest for political control in the last eight years claim he isspeaking for the people of Okrika?” Mr Nwuke asked.
“Sekibo'santecedents are well known. The people of Rivers State are not in anyway deceived by his pretentious attempt to speak for a people he leftwithout any form of development to show for his years in the saddle ofpower”.
 He added that men like Sekibo should “go on their knees andpray to God for forgiveness rather than pretending they love Okrika andRivers State more”.

 Mr. Nwuke explained that the Governorvisited Okrika and spoke to them at a town hall meeting on the need tohelp maintain peace and security as well as law and order in theirdomain.

 “This naturally does not translate into a threat.  Thepeople of Okrika who spoke on that occasion did not do so under duresseither”
On Sekibo’s claim that the governor threatened that parentsof cultists would be arrested, the Director of Press Affairs noted,“the governor was only amplifying what is already contained in thelaw.  He only explained that there was such a provision in the lawwhich says anyone that is shielding a wanted person is equally guiltyof an offence.  I’m surprised Dr Sekibo would see this as a threat.
 “Itonly goes to show how his mind is working, and exposes the kind of mindwhich was at work as the highest functionary of government in Okrika inthe last eight years”.

 “The task of maintaining law and orderdoes not rest with government or the security agencies alone.  Thepeople in every civilized and responsible society have a role to playin policing their area, in maintaining peace and security, and indefending law and order”,
 He urged the people of the state andindeed all Nigerians to ignore the comments of Dr Sekibo, saying, “theyare comments of a man seeking relevance even with those he used anddumped”.

 In another development, former Political Officeholders in the State and others still driving in government housenumber plates have been told to return them.  A statement from thestate house said failure to do would cause government to takeappropriate actions. “Possession of Government House vehicle NumberPlates, are by this announcement directed to return such number platesto the Office of the Chief of Staff, Government House, Port Harcourtwithin one week.
 “”At the expiration of this notice, Governmentshall take necessary measures to recover such vehicle number plate’saccordingly.” the statement from the Director of Press to the governorreads in part.



Publish Date: 

Thursday, 1 May 2008